Willow Shields and Amandla Stenberg Talk Life After 'The Hunger Games'

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We know you're already camped out to get your hands on "The Hunger Games" DVD on Saturday, so thankfully we've got a video interview to keep you occupied.

We caught up with two stars of the epic movie, Willow Shields and Amandla Stenberg, who play Katniss' sister Primrose and District 11's young tribute Rue. They told us all about life after filming "The Hunger Games," and Stenberg revealed her surprising reaction to watching Rue's sad fate on screen for the first time.

"And then of course I went to see it with friends and family, and I was laughing about the scene," Stenberg told us in this exclusive interview. "And the woman next to me is like, 'Shh. You're ruining the scene.' And I'm like, 'Sorry.' She didn't recognize me, and I thought that was funny."

Check out the video above for even more behind the scenes tidbits from the young stars, like how their lives have changed since filming the movie, their best on-set memories and the scene Shields is most looking forward to filming in the sequel, "Catching Fire."