So, Who Gets Naked in 'Magic Mike'?

[caption id="attachment_135038" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Warner Bros."]Channing Tatum and Matthew Bomer in "Magic Mike"[/caption]

We're all about meeting our readers' needs, so after fielding several questions about just how much nudity is in "Magic Mike," we're happy to help clear up the rumors. That way, if you're wondering whether you should include your mother (or grandmother!) in your ladies' night at the movies, you can be prepared for the man candy.

Here's the deal: all of the actors playing strippers get a little naked, but no one goes the full monty. Here's a breakdown of the celebrity skin — for informational purposes only, of course.

Channing Tatum: As the titular Magic Mike, Tatum's very first appearance in the film includes a full view of him from behind, and that pretty much sets the tone for him. He gets the most strip/dance and sex scenes, so audiences will get more than an eyeful of his strapping body — including him in a thong so small, it leaves virtually nothing to the imagination.

Alex Pettyfer: Magic Mike and his pals endearingly call Pettyfer's character "The Kid," but even as a newbie, Adam has to drop trou and show off his ass(ets). The "I Am Number Four" star (who, at 22, is the film's youngest actor) learns to manscape, gyrate his hips, and yes, rock a banana hammock. Plus, there are a couple of love scenes where he bares his bum as well.

Matthew McConaughey: For most of the movie, McConaughey, who plays the Xquisite male revue's owner Dallas, parades around shirtless (or in only a vest) and wearing a pair of very tight leather pants. But toward the end of the movie, Dallas finally rips off the leather and leaves just the teeniest, tiniest strip covering his manhood.

[caption id="attachment_135040" align="alignright" width="220" caption="Warner Bros."]Joe Manganiello in "Magic Mike"[/caption]Olivia Munn: This may be a male-centered movie (aren't all of Soderbergh's ensembles?), but Munn and a couple of other lovely ladies do pop up topless in a few bedroom scenes.

Joe Manganiello, Adam Rodriguez, Matt Bomer, Kevin Nash: As the crew's signature song says, "It's raining men! Hallelujah!" The rest of the Xquisite crew is equally as nearly-nekkid in the movie as they play super sexy soldiers, Ken dolls, firefighters, cops and even Tarzan, for Nash's wild-haired old-timer. Manganiello's Big Dick Richie lives up to his stage name in a scene silhouetted by a screen and one unexpected shot of him using a pump in the foreground while Mike and Adam talk the logistics of the striptease. Because of the, um, angle of the shot, it's not really full frontal, but it's as close as it gets.

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