Joel Kinnaman Makes a Killing in New 'Easy Money' Trailer

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Being an actor is a funny way to make a living.

Take Joel Kinnaman, for instance. A couple of years ago he was basically a complete unknown in America, doing little indie films in Europe, waiting for his big break. Then his TV series on AMC, "The Killing," briefly becomes a big hit and the next thing you know, Martin Scorsese is pounding down his door.

No wonder the trailer for his new film boasts the title "Easy Money."

Of course, there are things about this trailer that won't be apparent when you first watch it, such as the fact that "East Money" is actually a Swedish film (original title: "Snabba Cash"). You probably won't pick up on that because there's pretty much no actual dialogue in the trailer, just a lot of shots of people spending money, shooting each other and running.

And you also won't be able to tell that this one was actually filmed before "The Killing" hit it big; "Easy Money" was done back in 2010 and is just now finally getting a U.S. release after director Daniel Espinosa also struck gold with this spring's "Safe House."

So check out the new trailer, courtesy of The Film Stage and Scorsese, who is "presenting" the film on behalf of the Weinstein Company. And join Kinnaman in marveling at the latest twist in his strange road to becoming a Hollywood star: