Charles S. Dutton Gets Political in 'The Obama Effect' Trailer

[caption id="attachment_132208" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Vimeo"]The Obama Effect[/caption]

Charles S. Dutton is looking back on one of the most important events in American history — and it was only four years ago.

The "Alien3" star gets political with his directorial debut, "The Obama Effect," which chronicles the journey of John Thomas (Dutton), an insurance salesman who suddenly takes an overwhelming interest in the 2008 Obama presidential campaign after a serious health scare changes his view on life.

Dutton is a fiercely dedicated actor with a specialty in alpha male characters, such as the born-again convict in "Alien3," the NYC cop who taunts mutant insects with his singing in "Mimic" and the possibly unethical medical doctor in "Gothika." His film looks like it's got nothing if not conviction as it explores a hot-button topic that's now more timely than ever in this election year.

Check out the brief teaser courtesy of Vimeo below, which features Katt Williams as Dutton's extreme political opposite. "The Obama Effect" will hit theaters on July 13.