Video: Taylor Swift Sings 'Eyes Open' from 'Hunger Games'

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While we are practicing our archery skills and stocking up on gold eyeliner for Friday's premiere of "The Hunger Games," 12,000 Kiwis got a special preview of Taylor Swift's second song from the soundtrack.

Swift treated fans at her Auckland concert to the debut of "Eyes Open," which she wrote along with "Safe and Sound." (Peep the video and NextMovie's rundown of all the "Hunger Games" references in "Safe and Sound.")

"You don't think I'd get in trouble if I played it now?" the pop country singer teased her screaming fans, before launching into the song accompanied on an acoustic guitar.

Although "Safe and Sound" isn't exactly an upbeat tune, it's definitely more reassuring than the ominous "Eyes Open." With lyrics like "Everybody's waiting / Everybody's watching / Even when you're sleeping / Keep your eyes open," "Eyes Open" is more like a theme for the tributes themselves, especially for Katniss. She has to watch out for the other tributes, of course, and grotesque creations like the tracker jackers and muttations, but all of Panem is watching them for entertainment. And, of course, President Snow is watching for his own nefarious reasons.

This bare bones rendition isn't what will be on the soundtrack, though; the final version will be more rock and roll than ballad. The question is, as always, where it will fit into the movie. Weigh in on the comments or @ us on Twitter!

Meanwhile, check out the first wave of reviews. We're relieved to report that they're all pretty positive!