Knuckle Up For 'Every Face Punch in Road House!'

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"Mystery Science Theater 3000" guru Mike Nelson referred to "Road House" as "the single finest American film," but what really gives the saga of Patrick Swayze's super-bouncer James Dalton that extra punch?

Probably all the punching, as evidenced by a new video that properly catalogs, indexes and files "Every Face Punch in Road House!"

Is that listed under "F" for "Face" or "P" for punch? Try "X" for "X-cellence in violence."

Dalton is the Tai Chi-practicing peacenik who takes occasional detours from pacifism to rip a dude's throat out or knock some sense into every redneck in the world. With his two fists of iron, this 1980s relic tough guy and his mentor Wade Garrett (Sam Elliot) manage to clean up Missouri bar the Double Deuce but good, and make "Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!" look like a dance recital in the process.

Red Letter Media, the maniacs responsible for the famous feature-length review of "The Phantom Menace," compiled this video possibly in tribute to the late Ben Gazzara, or perhaps because we all needed a reminder that "pain don't hurt."

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