Chloe Sevigny Gives 'Lovelace' Some Big Love

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Chloe Sevigny is probably best known these days for her long run on the HBO polygamy drama "Big Love," but she's about to take a crack at another, very different examination of sexual roles in our society: The upcoming big screen biography of porn icon Linda Lovelace.

"Big Love?" Meet "Deep Throat."

For those of you born after 1975, here's a quick history lesson on the controversial and influential life of Lovelace, who died following a car crash 10 years ago: Arguably the first real porn star in America following the massive success of her infamous film "Deep Throat," Lovelace later renounced pornography and denounced "Deep Throat" in particular, claiming that she had been forced to perform on camera by her abusive husband, director Chuck Traynor.

Clearly, it's the kind of drama you couldn't even make up, which explains why Amanda Seyfried and Peter Sarsgaard, as Lovelace and Traynor respectively, are currently filming "Lovelace." So where does Sevigny fit in? Well, according to Deadline, the "Big Love" star and indie film icon will be playing "a feminist journalist assigned to write a story about Lovelace."

There's still some casting left to be done — Demi Moore, who was slated to play feminist icon Gloria Steinem, dropped out of the production yesterday — but with Sevigny on board, it's looking more and more like "Lovelace" is going to be getting some big love from critics when it hits theaters.