Jonah Hill's 9 Funniest Moments

[caption id="attachment_96839" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="20th Century Fox"]Jonah Hill in The Sitter[/caption]

With only a few leading roles under his belt, 27-year-old Jonah Hill has secured his place as one of young Hollywood's top funnymen by crafting characters who are crude, horny yet eerily relatable to most audiences.

His recent move to dramatic fare like “Moneyball” -- and his even more dramatic weight loss -- hasn't robbed him of his comedic talents (see "21 Jump Street" trailer); and with "The Sitter," we see Hill in his usual form. Yes, he shot it before losing the weight, but we mean his knack for being playfully offensive while also portraying a lovable guy next door.

In only six years, Hill has compiled an impressive number of funny moments on screen. Here we take a look at his top nine (warning: some videos are NSFW).

9. 'The 40 Year Old Virgin' (2005)

For many, the first time we saw Jonah Hill was in this funny exchange with Catherine Keener in “The 40 Year Old Virgin,” where really he just wants to buy some shoes. (Before that Hill had a very small appearance in “I Heart Huckabees,” which he got after befriending star Dustin Hoffman’s children.) Based on this gem and his continued work with Judd Apatow’s merry pranksters, he soon found himself headed to unexpected heights.

8. 'Accepted' (2006)

As Justin Long's sidekick in this anti-establishment comedy about a group of college students who create their own university, Hill plays the typical overweight worrywart, but has some of the funniest moments in the movie.

7. 'Funny People' (2009)

Hill had a small supporting role in Apatow’s last directorial effort introducing comedy's old guard, Adam Sandler, to its future, Seth Rogen. Hill played Leo, a buddy of Seth Rogen's character who's also struggling to make it on the comedy circuit. Leo thinks he’s figured out a way to gain attention in Hollywood: by creating viral videos of himself playing around with cute kittens.

6. 'Cyrus' (2010)

Though most audiences didn’t get this dry comedy from indie stalwarts Mark and Jay Duplass, Hill’s performance as an overprotective son highlights his darker side. And the tension between him and John C. Reilly creates uncomfortable comedic moments that you can’t stop watching.

5. 'The Sitter' (2011)

This is one of our favorite scenes from “The Sitter.” When he's forced to take the kids he’s watching into NYC, Noah’s journey brings him to this bar and a hilarious encounter with the doorman. Here’s a tease -- it’s a lot longer in the movie.

4. 'Get Him To The Greek' (2010)

After costarring in “Forgetting Sarah Marshall,” Hill and Russell Brand reteamed for this raunchy comedy set in the music industry. Hill played Aaron, a record company intern, and Brand reprised his “Marshall” role of rock legend Aldous Snow. Trying to get Snow to a concert in L.A., Aaron is put through a drug- and alcohol-induced adventure -- including having to find heroin, which leads to one of the best scenes of the movie (with a cameo from T.J. Miller).

3. 'Forgetting Sarah Marshall' (2008)

In another small supporting role opposite another Apatow regular, Jason Segel, Hill gives a scene-stealing performance playing a drug-dealing waiter. This scene between Hill and Russell Brand is an entertaining side plot to the story, and shows the improvisational chemistry the two would show off in “Greek.”

2. 'Knocked Up' (2007)

In "Knocked Up" Judd Apatow shone a spotlight on the male actors who would become a comedic fixture for the next decade. Hill played Jonah, one of Ben’s (Seth Rogen) burnout friends. He’s the angry one of the bunch, spitting out hilarious rants (though many of his best can be found in the deleted scenes, like this one) and playing the manchild to perfection -- as in this scene, where he wastes time at the hospital before Ben’s baby is born.

1. 'Superbad' (2007)

In the film that catapulted Hill from bit player to comedy star, he played Seth, a horny high schooler who, with his best friend Evan (Michael Cera), attempts to get alcohol to impress two girls. After ending up at a house party full of adults, Seth tries one last-ditch effort to score some booze and ends up with more than he bargained for. (Fun fact: The guys who come across the stain on his pants are Jody Hill and Ben Best, who along with Danny McBride are the creators of the HBO series “Eastbound and Down.”)