Cool Clicks: Talk Nerdy To Us About 'Dark Knight'

We scour the interwebs for the coolest movie news and more so you don't have to ...

[caption id="attachment_69220" align="alignright" width="220" caption="Getty Images"]Christian Bale and Tom Hardy on the set of "The Dark Knight Rises"[/caption]

MTV's Talk Nerdy To Me talks about all things awesomely nerdy in this video, including "Dark Knight Rises" and James Bond. Plus, our very own Kevin Polowy weighs in on the unbeatable combination that is Christopher Walken and zombies.

It's about time: Indiewire has the name news on Tarsem Singh's formerly-untitled Snow White movie: "Mirror, Mirror."

There's really nothing better than seeing the famously beautiful faces of Hollywood before they were famous and beautiful. Well, we'll let you be the judge on the beauty aspect of these high school photos of Ben Stiller and Eddie Murphy, brought to you by Moviefone.

Movieline sat down for an interview with Werner Herzog to listen to him talk about how good he is at acting, Tom Cruise's professionalism, and Pittsburgh being the epitome of all things good in America.

A reference to a "diorama" might make you think of your grade school science fair, but these dioramas featured on io9, while certainly science-y, are not at all reminiscent of the work of a grade schooler. Check out this gallery of the coolest fantasy and science fiction dioramas.

Screen Junkies has the 8 movie wardrobes that should be spun off into fashion lines, because who doesn't want to dress like their favorite character from their favorite movie? From "Rersevoir Dogs" to "Juno," these fashion lines are something we can get behind!