'Planet of the Apes' FINALLY Reconfigured as Electro Dance Party

[caption id="attachment_65605" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="YouTube"]Planet of the Apes Dance Party[/caption]

We always knew there were a few musical references in the 1968 dystopian classic "Planet of the Apes," but we admittedly never thought to turn the dark film into an energetic party anthem. Thankfully, we have the Internet.

Brad Hasse (with the help of EP*Vision) saw the headphones and record players and took the film to its (il)logical extreme: an electro remix reconfiguring the apes as dancers and Charlton Heston as a glowstick-wearing raver.

Video editing and remixing is already in "Been there, done that" territory, but Haase's combination of remixing and graphics insertion form a new template for others to follow.

It's a hard sell on paper, but hysterical in practice. Oh the modern age.