Vin Diesel Outed As Rapper-Turned-Actor

[caption id="attachment_50170" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Getty Images"]Vin Diesel, Former Rapper[/caption]

God bless the Internet. New York veteran musician Gary Lucas recently unearthed a 1986 tape of Vin Diesel -- then known as 19-year-old Mark Sinclair -- rapping over a beat by dance music god Arthur Russell.

Diesel, a former bouncer at defunct New York hip-hop club The Tunnel, is no stranger to hip-hop -- you have seen his breakdancing videos, right? -- but listening to him rap is on some next level surreal brilliance tip. "I'm the Man of Steel," Diesel boldly proclaims. Maybe in movies, man. Maybe in movies.

You can hear the recording for yourself on Lucas' Soundcloud page and check out Diesel rhyming (starting at 1:08) from his 1994 directorial debut 'Multi-Facial' below.