'The Dark Knight Rises' Gets the Full 'Inception' Treatment

[caption id="attachment_46319" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Getty Images"]Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Marion Cotillard[/caption]

For months, speculation has run rampant about Joseph Gordon-Levitt re-teaming with "Inception" director Christopher Nolan on the upcoming final installment of the current "Batman" trilogy, "The Dark Knight Rises."

The real question wasn't if he would be in the movie, it was who would he be playing. The Riddler? The Holiday Killer? Bat-Mite?

Well, now we know the answer and, according to The Hollywood Reporter, JGL will be playing a completely unknown character -- as will his "Inception" co-star, Marion Cotillard, who is also joining the cast.

So if Gordon-Levitt isn't playing some costumed freak, just who is he playing? Well, according to the press release from Warner Bros., Gordon-Levitt's character is "John Blake, a Gotham City beat cop assigned to special duty under the command of Commissioner Gordon." Cotillard, meanwhile, is described as "Miranda Tate, a Wayne Enterprises board member eager to help a still-grieving Bruce Wayne resume his father’s philanthropic endeavors for Gotham."

Of course, in the world of comic books, just about everyone has a secret identity, so this announcement hasn't prevented fans from already speculating that "Marion Tate" is actually just a disguise for Batman's enemy with benefits Talia al Ghul, daughter of the villainous Ra's al Ghul, who Liam Neeson played in 2005's "Batman Begins." You just can't keep a good internet down.

Whoever Gordon-Levitt and Cotillard are actually playing, though, it's clear that Nolan is looking to recapture the magic that turned "Inception" into a surprise worldwide blockbuster.

"When you collaborate with people as talented as Marion and Joe, it comes as no surprise that you would want to repeat the experience," Nolan said a statement. "I immediately thought of them for the roles of Miranda and Blake, and I am looking forward to working with both of them again."

One thing's for sure: fans are looking forward to watching it just as much.

"The Dark Knight Rises" is scheduled to begin filming later this year for a July 20, 2012 release.