After Oscars Snub Corey Haim, Internet Saves the Day With Tribute

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When the Academy forgot (or intentionally excluded) Corey Haim in the Oscars' "In Memoriam" reel, we at NextMovie were appalled. The guy was Sam in "The Lost Boys!"

As a boy, Haim stole the spotlight in movies like "Lost Boys," "Lucas" and "Watchers." As a man, he battled drug addiction until his death about a year ago. And now, to be snubbed posthumously is a sad coda to those rough final years.

Thankfully, the good hearts at Moviefone took on the responsibility -- Academy be damned. Below is a package they created that gives Haim the tribute he deserves.

Included are snippets from the actor's beloved films, along with some narration by Corey Feldman, Haim's co-star/hetero lifemate. The two also had a short-lived reality television show, "The Two Coreys."

Cheers to Moviefone. Let's pour one out for Mr. Haim.