Bob Marley Doc Finds Director, Brah

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How will "The Eagle" director Kevin Macdonald follow up the soon to be released beefcake chest fest? With a documentary about Bob Marley, brah!

Macdonald cut his teeth on documentary films in the mid-'90s, directing "Chaplin's Goliath," "One Day in September," and "Touching the Void" before launching his narrative film career with the Oscar nominated "The Last King of Scotland."

Now, riding some mainstream successes, with presumably a budget larger than that for any of his previous documentaries, Macdonald will attempt to humanize a man who's become a hollow icon for frat boys and head shops. It is a worthy and ambitious undertaking.

Here's what Macdonald has to say in the press release (via ComingSoon): "I was already intrigued by the Marley story but the way in which this film is developing, as we delve through the archive materials and interview key characters in his life, has surpassed my expectations. What made Bob tick is probably unanswerable but viewers will certainly feel that they know him a little better after seeing our documentary. I am grateful to the Marley family for entrusting me with their heritage."

The film is scheduled for a world wide theatrical release in Q2 2011.  And fun Kevin MacDonald fact: he is not Kevin McDonald of "The Kids in the Hall." We checked.