Before 'TRON' Ice Hotel There Was 'TRON on Ice'

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There's a lot of buzz around "TRON: Legacy" these days. The special effects will be incredible no doubt and the marketing campaign has been fun and exciting -- last week we even told you about a "TRON"-inspired ice hotel erected in Sweden.

It's not the first time "TRON" has melded with ice for something spectacular, though. Once, there was "TRON ON ICE."

If we hadn't seen it with our own eyes back in 1983 as part of Disney's "Magic Kingdom on Ice" show, we probably wouldn't have believed it either, if not for the proof contained in the below 1983 TV spot. These days Disney likes to stick to their classic animated properties for their On Ice shows, but things were different back then. In 1983, almost anything (on ice) was possible.  Pay special attention about five seconds in and you'll be amazed.