Classic Movie Posters Zombie-fied

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Are you the kind of person who can't help but wonder what "The Empire Strikes Back" would be like if Han Solo became a zombie and tore Princess Leia's throat out with his teeth?  Have you always thought the "Toy Story" movies would be better if Buzz Lightyear and his friends were actually flesh-eating undead?

Well your dreams have become reality, so to speak, because artist Matt Busch has painstakingly re-imagined all your favorite movie posters as very twisted zombie epics, available at Hollywood Is Dead.

You can even purchase prints to hang on your walls so you can prove once and for all to  that "Grease" would have been better if John Travolta was missing most of the flesh on his face.  Most shocking is that Busch somehow manages to make "ET" even scarier, and that's no small feat.