DNCE Help Hailee Steinfeld Escape Her Complicated Relationship In 'Rock Bottom' Video

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Hailee Steinfeld finds peace of mind while singing on stage with DNCE about her intoxicating but tumultuous relationship in the new music video for "Rock Bottom."

From fighting to kissing and making up over and over again, the young love story is one many can relate to. Hailee told People that the track is her "in every damn relationship." Sadly we don't always have Joe Jonas to come to our rescue, though.

"I put up with it all. The screaming, the fighting, the silence. Why?" she asks in the music video teaser. "It's because you make me feel everything and sometimes nothing at the same time. Every emotion. Anger, love, hate. You're the only person I wanna tear apart but tear all your clothes off in the same moment."

Wondering who the super hot (but problematic) music video bae is? It's your new #MCM John Economou, the homeless teen-turned-model that Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, and Ansel Elgort spotted in Venice Beach on their Vogue shoot, who gets his first video creds sharing sour patch kids and a steamy kiss in the rain with Haiz -- NBD.