Watch Demi Lovato Perform ‘Stone Cold’ In A Lucky Fan’s Dining Room

Colin Farrell was way into it

As we recently saw in Demi Lovato’s chilling “Stone Cold” video, she really knows how to bring the drama and go in for an epic, emotional kill. But for her latest performance of the gut-wrenching Confident ballad, Demi took a surprisingly no-frills approach. And when we say “no frills,” we really mean it -- no stage, no spotlights, no studio audience. Just Demi and her pianist setting up shop in a random person’s home, while James Corden and Colin Farrell watched from a nearby sofa. Pretty standard stuff.

To celebrate the one-year anniversary of The Late Late Show on Wednesday night, Corden reprised a bit he did during one of his first episodes, when he broadcast the show from a stranger’s house in L.A.. After being turned away from a few skeptics, he finally found Natalie, who welcomed Corden and his crew -- along with guests Demi, Farrell, Wanda Sykes, and Jack Hanna -- into her humble abode.

With nothing but some twinkly strands of lights around her, Demi belted “Stone Cold” in Natalie’s dining room, complete with one long, spine-tingling note that’ll leave you breathless. It’s such an emotionally raw performance that it’s almost exhausting to watch... but oh, it hurts so good.

Surprisingly, Demi told Corden before her performance that playing in such an intimate space was actually more nerve-wracking than singing at the Grammys. “When you're in a huge arena, I look out in the audience and it's easier in a sense,” she said. “When you're in a small environment, if you suck, the person's two feet away from you and they're looking at you like you're doing a terrible job.”

True... but when you’re Demi Lovato, “terrible jobs” aren’t really part of your repertoire. At least, not with stunning performances like this.

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