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Definitive Proof Loliver From Hannah Montana Is Still Alive And Well

All other Hannah Montana ships, step down

During Hannah Montana's five-year run, a plethora of ship names emerged, but only one appears to have stood the test of time.

Lilly Truscott (Emily Osment) and Oliver Oken (Mitchel Musso)'s relationship was given the ship name "Loliver," and it's definitely canon. The characters didn't start dating until Season 3, affectionately calling each other "Ollie-pop" and "Lilly-pop," which still makes me cringe a little, tbh.

And while the show ended five years ago, it looks like Loliver is still going strong, based on a cute Twitter exchange between Osment and Musso on March 16.

  • Musso kicked it off by tweeting out love for his Hannah Montana family.
  • Which then prompted Osment to return the favor.
  • Remember that episode of Oliver where he practiced saying "I love you" before he actually said it to Lilly? Looks like practice does make perfect.
  • Sorry, Moliver fans, but you need to take a huge step back.
  • Because Loliver is forever.