Beyoncé And Bruno Mars Secretly Challenged Chris Martin To A Dance-Off At The Super Bowl

He lost

Chris Martin got the chance of a lifetime to perform with both Beyoncé and Bruno Mars at this year’s Super Bowl, but there’s something you probably missed about their performance.

In a new interview with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show, Martin revealed that Mars egged him into doing a dance-off during the Super Bowl 50 halftime show.

“Bruno wanted us to do that. He said we’d have a dance-off, and I came last,” Martin said. In response, Fallon had some great advice for us all: “If Bruno Mars or Beyonce ever challenges you to a dance-off, you walk away. You run as fast as you can.”

But it wasn’t so easy for Martin. “Our idea was, let’s show a picture of togetherness in this time of everyone being so divided. Let’s show we all get along and everyone’s voices count. And Bruno was like, ‘Yeah, let’s have a dance-off,’” explained Martin. “I asked him to be there, so I couldn’t say no.”

The Coldplay frontman also joked about being high and eating nachos with Beyoncé at the Super Bowl (he wasn’t and didn’t). Watch the full interview below.

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