Matt Pops Collins / Twitter

This Creepy Flyer Goes Too Far: 'Give The Good Guys A Chance'

'Give the good guys a chance to help you be less afraid of the world'

A photo of a dorm flyer is making the Internet rounds, and let me tell you, it's totally normal and not at all creepy. Just kidding.

Read below:

The image, which originally appeared on Tumblr back in January, went viral after Twitter user Matt Pops Collins shared it last week, amassing over 12k retweets and 14k likes.

The Internet promptly descended upon this flyer and tore it to virtual shreds.

But no one did a better job of putting this so-called "good guy" in his place than whoever penned this brilliant response and stuck it up next to the original flyer:

"You want to be a gentleman and a good guy? Start with changing the way you and other men see women. ... If you want us to be less afraid of the world, then change the world, don't change us." 🙌

H/T Elite Daily