Exclusive Clip: Anna Paquin Becomes Walter White In 'Free Ride'


Desperate times call for desperate measures, and desperate measures tend to result in seriously exciting movies. If Christina's face in this exclusive clip from "Free Ride" is any indication, circumstances are indeed rather grim. Played by "True Blood" star Anna Paquin, Christina is trapped in an abusive relationship and ready to make her escape. Deciding that she's taken enough, she impulsively picks up her family and announces that they're heading south. Not tomorrow, not later, but now. What Christina's family doesn't know yet is that they'll be driving along a path forged by the likes of Walter White and Tony Montana, embracing the instant financial gratification of drug-dealing in order to make a clean getaway from the home life Christina was struggling to survive. And, as those who have gone down that road before have shown us, there are absolutely no flaws in Christina's plan.

In this exclusive clip from "Free Ride", which opens theatrically in New York and LA and thru VOD everywhere on January 10th, Christina makes that fateful decision to steal her family away from their lives and take them south to a lawless land that the locals refer to as "Florida." It's a gripping look at a film that promises to make you think twice about the title. Also starring Drea de Matteo and Cam Gigandet, the film is the feature directorial debut of actress Shana Betz.

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In search of a better life for her family and desperate to escape her tumultuous relationship, Christina (Anna Paquin) hastily moves to Florida and enters the dangerous world of the high-stakes underground drug scene. She quickly learns that dealing drugs at the height of South Florida’s smuggling heyday has its price. As law enforcement closes in on Christina and her drug operation, she must find a way to salvage the life she has desperately worked to repair before it all comes crashing down.

"Free Ride" has a theatrical release date in NY, LA and a Video On Demand release date of January 10, 2014.