Your Daily Short: 'Saul Bass: Title Champ' (2008)

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THE FILM: “Title Champ” by Gary Leva


WHY YOU SHOULD WATCH IT: Well, today's short isn't much of a short at all, but it's one of the most compulsory films this column has ever featured. Tomorrow sees the release of John Frankenheimer's criminally undervalued "Seconds" on Criterion Collection DVD and Blu-ray (read our review here), and with it comes another opportunity to celebrate and enjoy the unique contributions that Saul Bass made to the cinema. While the warped and ominous title sequence of Frankenheimer's existential masterpiece is hardly Bass' most famous work, it's nevertheless a wonderful reminder of how he could sneak into the empty pockets of a movie and transform the entire experience on the strength of his designs. We'll be writing about Bass quite a bit this week, so I thought it might be nice to provide a primer on his work, one far more eloquent than I could ever hope to devise myself.

Gary Leva's documentary tribute is a warm and informative look at Bass' invaluable contributions to the films of Alfred Hitchcock, Otto Preminger, Martin Scorsese and many more, as well as to the medium itself. Even if you're already well acquainted with Bass' work, you won't be sorry you checked this out.


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