Your Daily Short: Lenny Bruce in 'Thank You Mask Man' (1971)

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THE FILM: “Thank You Mask Man” (directed by Jeff Hale) 1971


Lenny Bruce didn't tell jokes but he did do bits.

Like the beboop jazz musician he was, he would grab a theme and riff on them a mile a minute, his ethnic voices and spontaneously generated characters similar to Charlie Parker's trills and head-fake melodies. His best bit is his break down of what makes someone Jewish or "Goyish." (If you live in a big city and are Catholic, you are Jewish, Lenny Bruce says. "No duh," the only proper response.)

The ultimate Goy to Bruce was the Lone Ranger - a real schmuck. He wouldn't even wait around for a thank you. "Thank you, masked man!" the townspeople would cry, but he would already be off. You think that would annoy a small town? I mean, what if they baked him a cake?

This tangent led to one of Bruce's most famous bits, which was turned into "Thank You Mask Man," a short animated film by Jeff Hale in 1971.

Note: if you aren't schooled in modern jazz, Judaism or marijuana, you may not think much of this film. Trust me, though, it's brilliant - you just have to work at it. Calling Tonto "Tanta" is funny.

Second Note: don't be alarmed by the homophobia. "Fag!" is used for a laugh line, but Bruce is "in character." Neither he nor the film is exhibiting prejudice, in my opinion, but your mileage may vary, as they say.

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