Exclusive Clip: Hang Ten with 'Storm Surfers 3D'


They may not be the first things that pop to mind when you think of the prototypical "theatrical experience," but surfing movies really exist to be watched on the big screen. Of course, when you think "surfing movie" you probably think "Point Break," but the films that best take advantage of the big screen tend to be documentaries like "Endless Summer" and "Riding Giants," as these portraits of surfing legends reliably take viewers inside the world's biggest waves. "Storm Surfers 3D," a new documentary about boarders in search of the Pacific Ocean's gnarliest wave, is set to hit theaters tomorrow, and while it may not be on IMAX, word has it that the 3D is used brilliantly to make you feel as if you're catching the Godzilla of monster waves, but without that pesky risk of certain death.

Riding a successful run on the festival circuit,  "Storm Surfers 3D" hits theaters in NYC tomorrow, and will expand to LA and other cities along the California coast in July. In the meantime, check out this exclusive clip from the film, in which our fearless riders prepare to face a wall of water.

SYNOPSIS: Combining cutting-edge 3D technology and bravura filmmaking, STORM SURFERS 3D is the ultimate big-wave thrill ride. The film follows best friends and surfing legends Tom Carroll and Ross Clarke-Jones, along with surf forecaster Ben Matson, as they track and chase giant storms in their quest to ride the Pacific’s biggest and most dangerous waves.  Using state-of-the-art miniature 3D cameras that put audiences inside the barrel of the waves, STORM SURFERS 3D is a visually stunning cinematic adventure unlike any other.