First 'Glee' Season Four Promo Teases Us Mercilessly

FOX has released the first official promo for the fourth season of its sagging hit show, "Glee." As the promo doesn't show us any new footage (filming won't resume until later in the summer), instead it relies on old footage interspersed with tantalizing questions in capital letters.

"WHO STAYS? WHO GOES?" asks the FOX announcery guy, as clips of the graduating seniors flash by. The answer? YOU'RE JUST GOING TO HAVE TO WAIT FOR IT LIKE EVERYONE ELSE. The release of this trailer seems to have no other purpose than to make sure we don't stop thinking about "Glee" during its three month absence from our television sreens, even as our brains are filled up with summer filler and DVD catch-up marathons. After about twenty-nine seconds of teasing, the promo then decides to tell us actual important information that probably should have been front and center:

It squeezes in the announcement of "Glee's" new Thursday night, post "American Idol" time-slot at the very end.

Will you be tuning in for "Glee" season four? Check out the non-spoilery promo below: