TV Throwdown: Real Housewives Cast Feuds

As season four of The Real Housewives of New Jersey gets underway, it's nice to see that the ladies can all be in the same room without ripping each other's hair out -- at least for the time being. But we all know the wheels will come off that bus faster than you can count the leopard print suitcases in Teresa Giudice's closet.

And that, of course, is one of the reasons this franchise is so compelling. Arguments make for great reality TV and there's no feud like one that involves people's kin and/or in-laws. The ongoing Teresa Giudice/Melissa Gorga/Kathy Wakile drama, means RHONJ has the makings for another brutally bitchy season.

But is their feud as good as the one that's been going down between sisters Kyle and Kim Richards the past two seasons of The Real Housewives of  Beverly Hills? Because that spawned some pretty unforgettable fights (and some awfully delicious ratings) as well.

Here, we size up the arguments and the women behind them in a TV Throwdown.  The show that scores the most points wins our contest, but sadly, they lose in life.

Let's see what the survey says:


Certainly, Kyle and Kim may have issues beyond what we see on TV. But the main source of recent contention stemmed from Kim's alcohol and substance abuse (and, as a result, her erratic and irresponsible behavior). Frankly, while it kept things interesting, it was kind of sad to watch. Serious issues cause serious drama, and sometimes, you don't really want to see a person come unraveled before your eyes.

Meantime, the drama between New Jersey sisters-in-law all began with a greeting card that Melissa and Teresa back in the day; it dared refer to Teresa's home as "remodeled" instead of "new," apparently an unforgivable offense. Since then, jealousy and competition -- mostly on Teresa's side, from what we can tell -- have escalated into major physical brawls and a rift that often involves their seven small children as well. The more trivial the problem, the bigger the blowout.

But being ridiculous is what reality TV is about, man. NJ easily takes this round.

New Jersey: 1

Beverly Hills: 0


Yes, Kyle and Kim can have it out like nobody's business. Whenever women scream so much that subtitles are required, you know you've got a good cat fight going. But neither Richards sis has ever overturned a dinner table or sparked a fist fight at a baby christening like our ruffian Jersey girls have.

In addition, there's another family sideshow happening in New Jersey: the ongoing tension between Jacqueline Laurita and her 20-year-old ne'er do well daughter, Ashlee, who is famous for ripping out Danielle Staub's weave a few seasons back. Their squabbles often end in tears, and it often takes another family member, Caroline Manzo, to help mend the fences.

The New Jersey Housewives are rough, and they bully their way to another victorious round.

New Jersey: 2

Beverly Hills: 0


In Beverly Hills, Kyle and Kim love each other and will always have each other's backs at the end of the day -- even if they are still at odds with one another. So when it comes to being civilized, the Richards sisters win... and RHOBH viewers lose out on a little bit of excitement.

As long as RHONJ's Teresa feels she's competing with Melissa (for her brother, for a more privileged life, for popularity, and now for fame), we don't see a lot of hope for a happy ending here. In other words, we're pretty much counting on seeing a season five, six and seven of this show.

New Jersey: 3

Beverly Hills: 0

Bottom line: Any time you have two women competing for a man's affection -- in this case, it's Teresa's brother/Melissa's husband, Joe Gorga -- it never ends well. Not to mention that Teresa hates her cousin and fellow castmate, Kathy, and Jacqueline's daughter is a wackjob. Their personal issues make Kyle and Kim seem like contenders for the Family of the Year award.