Piers Morgan Keeps Hating Madonna

The Brits really have a way with words, no?

CNN host Piers Morgan blasted his sort-of countrywoman (if you count the fake British accent) and longtime rival Madonna on Chelsea Lately: "Oh my God, [Madonna's] Super Bowl performance — it was like watching your mad drunken aunt at Christmas, wasn't it?"

He went on to call her "gruesome" as Chelsea Handler, no stranger to celebrity feuds herself, protested, "But you hate her!"

Morgan and Madge have a well-documented dislike for each other, dating back to when Madonna was married to director Guy Ritchie.

The former America's Got Talent judge went on to say: "I have one common ground with Madonna: neither of us have sung live at the Super Bowl."

Tell us: Do you side with Piers, or do you L.U.V. Madonna?