The Naming Game: The Chipmunks Get Chipwrecked

You know you’ve been tormented by it:

The Squeakquel.

Tormented by the desire to know what rare genius wordsmithed the title for the second installment in the ongoing Alvin and the Chipmunks musical franchise. Why wasn’t it you? And how did they manage to equal its brilliance for the third movie in the series, “Chipwrecked”? A movie which promises to be a munk merger of Titantic and TV’s Lost wherein the Chipmunks and the Chipettes jump ship and end up shipwrecked, or “chipwrecked” on a tropical island that’s not as deserted as it seems. Due out December 16, just in time for the holidays, Chipwrecked’s filmmaking cohorts consist of Mike Mitchell, ( the visionary behind Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo and Shrek Forever After) and screenwriters Jonathan Aibel & Glenn Berger (Kung Fu Panda and The Squeakquel).

So what’s the secret to The Squeakquel—the name, not the chiptacular flick? Thanks to our crack undercover agents, we scored an inside look at the naming process and transcribed the highly classified meeting, just for you.

The Naming Meeting

Studio exec 1: (tugging at his hair in frustration) It’s impossible!

Studio exec 2: I know, I know. Lightening never strikes twice.

Studio exec 3: The Squeakquel! Seriously! It’s a once in a lifetime stroke of genius. If only Peterson hadn’t had an actual stroke after he thought of it.

Studio exec 1: (crossing himself) Yes, poor Peterson. We’ll never forget him. If only there were an Oscar for best film title …

Studio exec 5: (whispers to exec next to him) Wasn’t Peterson on ecstasy that morning?

Studio exec 2: So just to clarify … do we already have a plot for the third Chipmunks film or will the story be inspired by the title we come up with?

Studio exec 3: Great question! What about Chip Service, Read My Chips, or A Chip of the Hat? A timely political spoof with Alvin as a Texas Republican presidential candidate competing against a crazy-eyed Chipette, named, oh I don’t know Michele something?

Studio exec 4: Yeah! Or Crunkin’ Munks the dance off movie!

Studio exec 2: What about The Texas Chipsaw Massacre? Rodents dancing with chainsaws—hilarious!

Studio exec 1: And adorable!

Studio exec 3: Ooh, I know—Chippery When Wet!

Studio exec 2: What would that be about—and would it be PG13?

Studio exec 4: Or Baby Munkmama! Where Alvin gets sloshed, goes to a bar, knocks up a Chipette ...

Studio exec 3: How about Alvin has OCD and doesn't like to touch other animals or people but is a super skilled detective--we'll call him "Munk" and ...

Studio exec 2: Or something christmasy like Merry Chipmas! Or The Nutcrackers!

Studio exec 5: Hold up everyone! Those are all top-notch concepts, but they already have a plot cooked up.

Studio exec 4: Too bad. What is it?

Studio exec 5: Well, due to a cruise ship mishap the Chipmunks and Chipettes end up stranded on a tropical island …

Studio exec 3: I’ve got it! Chips Ahoy!

Studio exec 5: Um …you’re on the right track, but I think that might stir up some legal troubles with a certain cookie company.

Studio exce 3: You Sunk My BattleChip?

Studio exec 4: Sinking Chip? Moby Chip? Is there a whale involved or sharks?

Studio exec 2: Lost at Squeaksea!

Studio exec 3 (whispers to 2) You’re embarrassing yourself.

Studio exec 1: Wait, wait … it’s coming … Chipwrecked!!

Rest of execs: (cheering) That’s it! We’ve done the impossible!

Studio exec 4: (shaking an unresponsive exec 1) Susan? Susan? She’s not breathing!

Studio exec 5: Not again! Another stroke!

Studio exec 2: (whispers to 3) If there’s a fourth Chipmunks naming meeting, don’t invite me …