VIDEO: Why Does Andy Cohen Hate Alex McCord?

The affable Andy Cohen finally lost it on the New York Housewives Monday night during their marathon reunion (Part 1! There is a Part 2!) ... and frankly it's about time. We can barely stomach watching these broads screech at each other for an hour on TV anymore; imagine how Andy feels having to sit in a room with them for 8 hours of taping?

Still, the Bravo exec and Housewives wrangler seems to be singling out Alex McCord  as a target of his Housewives fatigue -- how else to explain this kind of mean-spirited video posted on Not to mention, we noticed Alex again was seated in Siberia during the reunion -- i.e. as far away from Andy as possible. It appears he DOES play favorites.

Here's hoping the rumors are true that Bravo will dump most if not all of the New York cast to breathe some life into this tired franchise.