Real Housewives of Orange County Brawl At Wrap Party

Are the Real Housewives of Orange County going Jersey?

The usually tame cast of Orange County got physical at the show's wrap party Saturday when Tamra Barney reportedly threw a glass of wine at former housewife Jeana Keogh.

It wasn't quite up to the table-flipping and hair-pulling antics of the Housewives' New Jersey and Atlanta editions, but it was high drama nonetheless. Apparently, the recently divorced Barney was upset with Keogh for statements she made in the press about Barney's divorce. reports that Keogh tried to throw Barney into the pool, and Barney retaliated with the wine-throwing.

Later, the housewives took the fight to Twitter, where Barney tweeted that Keogh should her own business.

Naturally, Bravo's cameras were rolling, and we can expect to see the incident on the sixth season of Real Housewives.