Fall TV: Tangled Love Story Fuels Promising Lone Star

Fox's complicated drama Lone Star (9 p.m. Thursdays, starting tonight) centers on the beguiling James Wolk as Texas con man Bob/Robert Allen trying to go straight -- and take his two wives from his latest scams with him.

Bob's sitting pretty after marrying into a powerful Texas oil family, while Robert lives a simple life with sweet girlfriend/future wife Lindsay (Eloise Mumford) in a small Texas town where he's bilking the residents out of their life savings by selling bogus oil leases. Meantime, he marries the supportive Cat (Adrianne Palicki) as part of the con, only to realize she gives him the validation he's always yearned for. Wolk, like his character, has an uncanny ability to use his boyish good looks to lull us into buying anything he has to sell.

The intriguing series boasts a stellar line up of supporting actors, including Oscar-winner Jon Voight as his savvy father-in-law. Bob admires Clint, while he loves and distrusts his own dad John (David Keith), the guy who taught him the art of the hustle.

Veteran actors Voight and Keith make the show worth watching, but it's Wolk who proves to be the real breakout star of the season. Sharp writing coupled with keen visual techniques gives this series a high luster sheen. In a season of unremarkable fall shows, Lone Star marks one of the few worth putting on your DVR list.

You'll want to take this ride as Allen attempts to have it all. He's in love with two women and two lifestyles. He's convinced he can make things right with the folks he swindled in his Lindsay life by paying them back from dealing his way through Cat's family business. It's a wicked game Allen's playing, further complicated by his determination to juggle two women he loves equally.

It's the ultimate love triangle, a ploy TV writers love to use. Let's take a stroll through our favorite recent TV love triangles:

10. Gossip Girl: Jenny Nate Serena - Blair Chuck Nate

Really, who hasn't hooked up in some sort of love triangle since the show began with the relationship blasting Blair-Nate-Serena saga? Then Blair went for bad boy, and Nate's friend, Chuck. Last season, Jenny wanted Nate, who only wanted Serena. But that doesn't stop her from some mattress thumping with Chuck, who thinks it's over with his true love Blair. Are you dizzy yet?

9. Felicity : Ben Felicity Noel

Felicity chucked her Ivy League school choice to go after a boy she barely knew - popular jock Ben, her high school crush. But once she arrived in NYC she became torn between the insecure Ben and nice guy Noel. Ah, but it was always to be Ben, who finally came around to Felicity's charms as Felicity made her peace with her perception of Ben and real Ben.

8. Sex and the City: Aiden Carrie Big

Who wouldn't root for goofy Aiden, the man who adored Carrie and treated her like a treasured gift despite her flaws? Big may have been the movie version of cool, but he kept crushing Carrie like a grape during harvest festival. Still, it was Big who won the heart of Carrie.

7. Vampire Diaries: Damon Elena Stefan

Vampire brothers Damon and Stefan once loved the same woman, Katherine, and now they've transferred that lust to her doppelganger Elena. Damon's the vicious older brother, Stefan the sensitive younger one -- well, in vampire years. Elena sees a softer side to Damon, and is drawn to the flawed vamp. It's a love for the ages, and the ageless.

6. Grey's Anatomy: Alex Mark Lexie

This latest equation just feeds off the past. Alex plays with Lexie, but he's still in love with the departed Izzie who may still pine for dead Denny. Mark was the rascal who broke up the marriage of his bestie Derek when he had an affair with Derek's wife Addison. Now Mark loves little Grey -- Meredith's half-sister, Lexie -- who has fallen for Alex and Alex, well, we hear Izzie may be back this season. That sizzling could be the sound of a new combo heating up.

5. Dawson's Creek: Dawson Pacey Joey

Joey's secretly in love with her best pal Dawson, Dawson's oblivious and Pacey has mixed feelings about his best friend's girl. While Joey was slow to come around, especially when Dawson showed some interest in her, we always knew that Pacey was the guy for Joey.

4. Battlestar Galactica: Lee Starbuck Anders

OK, maybe only galaxy geeks got into this torrid triangle. Lee "Apollo" Adama and Kara "Starbuck" Thrace had a lot of sexual tension in their relationship, even after both married other people. Kara's marriage to Anders was complicated, and fraught with problems. There was always something unresolved between Starbuck and Apollo, even up to the mysterious end.

3. Glee: Puck Finn Quinn

All-American boy Finn was ready to do the right thing by his girl Quinn when she got pregnant. But there was just one problem with the cheerleader/quarterback union. The baby was Finn's friend and football teammate Puck's progeny. Now that Quinn's delivered, and given the baby up for adoption, will there be something brewing this season?

2. True Blood: Sookie Bill Eric

Vampires have been glamoring mortal girls for centuries, but this time it's telepathic fairy Sookie who makes the vamps thirst for more. TVs all over the world almost melt with the hot love in the sizzling triangle of vampires Bill and Eric with the comely Sookie. Sook may say gentleman Bill's the love of her life, but the vibrant chemistry between Eric and Sookie can't be denied. Bill's charms have chilled, but Eric's hotter than a habanero.

1. Lost: Jack Kate Sawyer

Have there ever been such heated debates among TV watchers as the question of whether con man Sawyer or good doc Jack made the better match for rogue Kate? In the end, Sawyer found love with Jack's ex Juliet. As for Kate and Jack, who knows? Lost bowed with a lot of unanswered questions.