Big Brother 11: Fact Or Fiction

Let's just begin this post with the obvious.

Natalie won HOH? Are you freaking kidding me? And in her celebration of winning she's yelling out to Chima that this is for her? Somebody please hand me a puke bag. Shouldn't she have been saying that her win was for Jessie? I mean let's be real here, Jessie has a jury vote and Chima doesn't. Chima dumped your ass Natalie when she decided to act the fool in the house and get kicked out.

How surprised were you that Jordan actually had a chance at winning in that Head of Household competition? Personally, I was shocked. But good on her for doing so well. Too bad her final answer in the tiebreaker question was off by a mile. Was her answer '24' with a number scratched out before it or did she write 224 or 324? Who knows. Either way, she would have lost. I suppose she needs a writing coach as well as an Algebra tutor. Any volunteers?

And Michele. Oh Michele Michele Michele. You actually believed that Lydia and Jessie weren't talking anymore in the jury house? At least she got the technotronics question right though. But I can't get over her getting the Lydia and Jessie question wrong. She'd better hope she wins Power of Veto!

Kevin's tiebreaker vote in evicting Jeff tonight wasn't much of a surprise. Jeff's last chance speech was a little surprising though because I can't believe he really fell for the crap spewed from Natalie's mouth. Jeff, you're a pretty boy but you're not very smart. You showed how it really wasn't an act when Julie questioned you twice after being evicted about trusting Russell or Natalie and Kevin. Both times you answered how worried you were about Russell. I see that worked out for ya didn't it?

Jeff forgot to give Jordan a goodbye kiss. Will she take it personally? Who knows and who cares. But I can see it now. When the season is over, everybody will be asking Jeff if he's given Jordan the kiss he originally promised her and he'll say no because he'll never be leaving her side again. *vomit*

On Sunday's show, Julie told us we'll see Natalie's nominations. That's not really important because we all know the Power of Veto holder will determine the outcome of that. However, Julie did say that Pandora's box will offer a new temptation to the HOH and it's bound to affect the game this time. Does that mean Russell might be coming back? Will it involve a new special power? And if you've seen the new commercial, what role will the jury play in the whole matter?

Tuesday's show will be a live show (yes, I'll be liveblogging) where we'll see the final Power of Veto competition, POV ceremony, live eviction, and beginning of the final three-part HOH competition. On Thursday, we'll find out who will be duking it out in the final part of the HOH competition to become the last Head of Household winner of Big Brother 11. There's going to be a lot going on this next week!

What do you think about Natalie winning this HOH competition? Do you think Lydia and Jessie are shagging right in the jury house? Were you disappointed in Michele's performance in the Head of Household competition tonight? Did you like that Jessie told Lydia and Russell how old Natalie really is? Who do you want to win POV?

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