Big Brother 11: Jordan Wins Part Two

What a fantastic show last night! It really couldn't get much better. I love this new format for the end of the season and I hope that they keep it the same for the next Big Brother.

Some people are saying that this new competition and eviction schedule is unfair to the person who comes in third place though. They're saying that because the person being evicted on finale night won't have as much time with the jury and to prepare for questioning the final two hamsters. I understand that point of view but I don't really think it will matter too much because the third place person usually ends up voting emotionally.

Speaking of the jury, watching Jeff enter the jury house was hilarious. I loved how he mimicked Kevin's voice before walking through the door. The shocked look on their faces told the story on how they feel about Kevin. Jessie, Lydia, and Russell backed it up later by saying that they hope Kevin wins Big Brother. Jeff seemed really surprised at how the jury house has turned on Natalie though. I'm just glad that Jeff was a good sport in all of it. He got GOT and handled it well.

I enjoyed seeing Evel Dick, Janelle, Mike Boogie, and Danielle on the show last night. I hope that they do more of that next season. Even if it's showing short clips of former hamsters and their thoughts on one particular current hamster or situation in the house. Concerning the four last night though, it was nice to see them give credit to Natalie for the impact that the Last Minute Lie had in the house. I don't care for Natalie but you can't deny that the LML didn't play a huge role in the game.

The outcome of the second part of the Head of Household competition was the icing on the cake last night. Watching Natalie scramble and get confused on her order of previous HOHs was hilarious. She was so cocky heading into the competition that it was nice to see her get knocked down a few pegs. Jordan was a little flustered herself at the start of the competition but was able to gather her wits about her and concentrate on the task at hand.

In the end, Jordan creamed Natalie by getting nine of the ten right while Natalie only got five right. I wonder if Jordan could hear the audience clap in the background when she got one right though. If so, that had to have made her feel good. The shocked look on Kevin's face was fantastic as both Natalie and himself had pretty much written Jordan off in the competition. When Julie asked Natalie how she felt about her fate being in Kevin's and Jordan's hands, Natalie acted like she wanted to cry. And I wanted to reach through my TV screen and punch her. That would give her something to cry about!

Sunday's show will be a 'best of' episode and won't be live. Finale night will be live though at 9:00 PM ET/8:00 PM CT and it will be two hours long! I hope all of you have been voting for America's Vote. I'm not sure what the maximum is on voting but it's letting you vote over and over again this time.

What did you all think about the show last night? Are you glad that Jordan won? Did you enjoy seeing Evel Dick, Janelle, Mike Boogie, and Danielle? What did you think about the jury house's reaction to Jeff? Did you have a favorite part last night and who are you voting for in America's Vote? How do you like the new format for the end of the season? Let me know all about it in the comments!

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