Big Brother 11: Do Over!

Oh my goodness!!!! Michele's HOH has been voided! To solve some of the problems created by Chima's exit, Big Brother is going to hold a new Head of Household competition today!

The hamsters are on inside lockdown right now as the competition is being set up in the backyard. Lydia and Natalie are excited. Michele is upset and said something about not being able to compete in this HOH like Chima was able to on Thursday. That won't be fair if Michele doesn't get to compete.

I have a bad feeling about this folks. What's going to happen if Natalie wins HOH? Or Lydia? Damn you Chima for screwing everything up. I'll update this post or create a new one as warranted.

What are your thoughts on this little turn of events? And while you're thinking about things, click on this link for some big laughs.

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