Big Brother 11: The Jeff Show

It's Jeff's world and we just live in it. That's the impression I got from the utterly boring show tonight. It's also glaringly obvious that Jeff is the 'chosen one' this season with the great edit he received tonight.

Jeff did a good job with the HOH competition that we were kept from watching on the feeds. He definitely needed to win to ensure his safety. And don't get me wrong, Jeff can come over and water my garden any time - shirt or no shirt. But he is not this great mastermind the show is making him out to be.

That position would go to Natalie. She's no Dr. Will or even Dan but she's playing the hardest at this point. I'm glad that her plotting with Kevin about the LML was shown but I don't feel that Allison Grodner and company are giving her the credit she's due.

But back to The Jeff Show. He received a sweet letter from home and great pictures as well. I think the cutest thing was the drawing he received from his niece. Kevin and Jordan drooled over him in the diary room for how hot he looked watering the garden. He talked with Jordan a lot about who should be nominated.

The show made it seem though that Michele and Russell were nomination possibilities. They never truly were. Natalie and Kevin have Jeff and Jordan firmly in their corner and have been controlling them since Jordan's HOH reign. Jeff and Jordan are just the puppets and I really wish the show would cover that instead of making them look so smart.

In the end, I can't really blame the boring show entirely on Allison Grodner. There really hasn't been much of anything happening on the feeds except the same paranoia that was going on the week before. The drama seems to have flown out the window with Jessie, Lydia, and the woman that shall not be named. Drama might be forthcoming though as Russell has promised to explode after the POV ceremony tomorrow if he gets placed on the block. We shall see!

What did you think about the overall show tonight? Did you have a favorite part? What do you think about the edit that Jeff and Jordan are receiving compared to Russell and Michele or Kevin and Natalie? Finally, who would you vote to win the America's Choice money (if they have it again) this season?

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