Hollywood's Hottest Cougars!

Forget Courteney Cox's neurotic Friends character, Monica.

When ABC launches Cougar Town this fall, Cox will find herself in a role that's mature, sexy and, more importantly, totally of-the-moment. Cox portrays a newly-single, 40-something mom who finds herself dating younger men.

Of course, art imitates life -- especially life lived in Hollywood. So to help bide our time until Cox's new show premieres, we decided to pay homage to the hottest real-life cougars:

Annie Wersching


After playing the dedicated wife and mother role while married to Guy Ritchie for almost eight years, the former Material Girl seemed ready to relive her Like a Virgin days once the two split in 2008. She immediately started spending tons of time with Alex Rodriguez (27 years younger than her) before recently skulking around with Brazilian model Jesus Luz, who is only a decade older than her 12-year-old daughter, Lourdes.

Annie Wersching


While Hunter, 39, was once married to Rod Stewart (24 years older than her), the model swung the age-dating pendulum in the opposite direction when she became engaged to ice hockey player Jarett Stoll. But a mere eight weeks before the scheduled nuptials, the 13-years-younger man cancelled their wedding. He'll be sorry once all his teeth get knocked out in a game, and nobody wants to date him anymore.

Annie Wersching


Carey, 39, still looks fabulous for her age. But her skimpy, too-tight clothes that look straight from the rack at Forever 21 make her look like an old lady struggling to recapture her youth. So perhaps we shouldn't have been too surprised to see her marry Nick Cannon, 28. But we can't help but wonder: Is this true love, or just another way for Mariah to stay forever young?

Annie Wersching


Certainly, the lovely Cox, 45, could have scored a much hotter younger man than her goofy actor husband David Arquette, 37. But the duo has been married for a decade and their seemingly stable, normal relationship shows that age has no bearing on compatibility.

Annie Wersching


Ever since The Pitt-Aniston Breakup, we hoped that girl-next-door Aniston could find a guy that wouldn't dump her for a sultry sexpot. Granted, the 40-year-old's on-again, off-again relationship with singer/songwriter John Mayer, 31, seemed kind of boring. But it was nice to see her having fun out on the town while Brad was home changing dirty diapers and rubbing Vaseline on Angelina's latest back tattoo.

Annie Wersching


The current poster girl for cougarhood has to be Moore, who shocked the world when she hooked up with and eventually married actor/goofball Ashton Kutcher, who is 16 years younger than her. It was easy to be a skeptic at first, but six years into their relationship, it seems like a totally natural pairing. Bruce who?

Annie Wersching


It's hard to think of fresh-faced, fun-loving Diaz as a cougar. In fact, we bet nobody considered her an "older woman" until she hooked up with Justin Timberlake in 2003, who, at 22 years old, was 8 years younger than Cameron. But the duo made it last for more than three years before going their seperate ways, and we liked what Timberlake brought out in her.

Annie Wersching


Halle Berry, 43, is widely considered one of the hottest (if not THE hottest) women in the world. In fact, Hurricane Chris -- who is less than half Berry's age -- scored a Top 10 hit this summer with the homage "She's Fine (Halle Berry song)."

Nobody knows that more than Berry's supermodel/baby daddy beau Gabriel Aubry, 33. After their daughter, Nahla, was born last year, Berry expressed a desire to have another baby with him immediately. Holla!