Paris Hilton's Dogs Got Eaten by a Coyote

I'd be way meaner about this, but, when I lived in Arizona, I had an outdoor cat who got eaten by a coyote, and it was pretty devastating, so I'm not going to give Paris a "you're irresponsible" lecture about this. It's just really sad. I've never had an outdoor cat again, BTW. I keep my babies INSIDE the house now.

We are sad to break the news that Ms. Hilton lost two of her most beloved pets in an attack by a coyote that came down into her neighborhood during the night.

Unfortunately it's a common occurrence here in LA where homes in the hills meet with wildlife in their back yards.

A source tells X17 Paris was "devastated" and that she's been crying about it non-stop.

Aw, I'm so sorry to hear about this, Paris. Losing doggies sucks hardcore.

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