Amy Poehler Confirms She Is Leaving Saturday Night Live

UPDATE: Amy Poehler confirmed to the Associated Press this morning that she will leave Saturday Night Live to join NBC's spinoff of The Office. Poehler just received an Emmy nomination for her work on SNL, where she honed her Hillary Clinton impersonation. Ungrateful much? Kidding.

Poehler said she plans to stay at SNL through the election this fall. The fate of The Office spinoff has been unclear this week, with some reports saying it has been scrapped for a new series by Office executive producer Greg Daniels. Expect some answers -- or just more typical executive-speak non-answers -- when NBC rolls in to the Summer Press Tour on Monday.

PREVIOUS POST: The buzz around Hollywood today is that Amy Poehler may be departing Saturday Night Live to join NBC's spinoff of The Office.

NBC execs won't arrive at Summer Press Tour until Monday, and for now, the network and Poehler's reps are staying mum on the topic.

Poehler is said to be in negotiations to star in the spinoff, which is slated to premiere in February after the Super Bowl. So far, the only actor attached to the project is comedian Aziz Ansari. (You may or may not remember him from his brief guest appearance on an episode of HBO's Flight of the Conchords. No? Me, neither.) Poehler is rumored to be up for a starring role in the spinoff, similar to Steve Carell's role in The Office.

Meantime, Poehler is due to have her first baby in the fall with her husband, former Arrested Development star Will Arnett.

No word yet on what Poehler's Weekend Update co-anchor Seth Myers thinks about all this, but I don't think it's premature to suggest Kristen Wiig as Poehler's replacement.