Someone Better Read That Guinea Pig Manual

Posted by I.A.

Ryan has turned into quite the challenge monster down the stretch, as Mike Boogie did two seasons back. By winning the veto today, he insures that the nominations will be left as is, meaning that Sharon's luck has just about run out, it seems. I doubt anyone wants to risk the only houseguest with decent relations with Joshuah, James, and (to a certain extent) Chelsia getting to the endgame. Ryan has had this secret alliance with Sharon, but its usefulness should have run its course for him at this point. He has little alliances with everyone, so there's no need to elevate the one that presents real dangers for him with the jury.


But Ryan has been talking up the idea of wanting Sheila gone, which to me doesn't make much sense considering she's highly beatable at the end (and yeah, I know she's an irritant and NO ONE wants to be alone in the house with her for even a few days). But Ryan doesn't have a vote, and I'm pretty certain both Sharon and Adam see the wisdom of keeping Sheila. If the nominations stay the same, Adam will be voting out Sharon regardless of anything Ryan asks of him.

But I wonder if Ryan hasn't worked it out so it's now going to be tough for him to win, unless he can win the last HoH and take Sheila. It's questionable that he can beat Adam in a vote, but I don't see any sign that he's thinking of having Adam put up (and even if he did, I'm not sure that Sheila or Sharon would then vote him out). The best bet for Ryan would be to get Adam evicted and hope he could win the last HoH (Sharon hasn't won and Sheila hasn't either without help). Ryan's played a solid game, but whereas someone like Dick had all his ducks in a row for the last several weeks of the game, Ryan needs some good fortune now to win.

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