American Idol, Dram-O-Rama

Maybe they should rename this show As the Idol Turns or Guiding Idol or The Young and the Idols? Each new episode of American Idol is beginning to feel a little like a soap opera.

Last week, rumors of a Carly Smithson pregnancy overshadowed Chikezie Eze's elimination from the show.

This week, a medical emergency for David Cook made headlines, leaving Ramiele Malubay's departure page six news.

Here's the scoop if you haven't heard yet. Apparently after Tuesday's performance, David was taken to an L.A. hospital suffering from heart palpitations and high blood pressure. He saw a private doctor, was given medication to lower his blood pressure, and promptly sent back to his Idol dorm.

When asked during Wednesday's show, Cook said the whole thing was blown out of proportion. David admitted he suffers from high blood pressure and that he went to the hospital simply as a precaution.

I think we have to trust David's word on this. He has no reason to downplay a potentially serious medical condition, while the media vultures have every reason to sensationalize a non-life-threatening trip to the hospital.

Still, it was yet another drama in a season of uber dramas.

We've had:

The "Carly Smithson had a record deal" drama.

The "David Hernandez was a stripper" scandal.

The "David Archuleta's father is overbearing" situation.

The "Carly Smithson is pregnant" rumor.

Oooh, and don't forget they made us watch Paula's new video. I think that might have scarred me for life.

At the very least, the David Cook subplot took some of the spotlight away from Ramiele Malubay's elimination from the show. After an unexciting performance Tuesday, Ramiele earned the fewest votes and was sent packing.

Let me just say that Ramiele was the right choice to go. Based solely on performance this week, she was the weakest. And despite knocking everyone's socks off in Hollywood, with such a huge voice coming out of such a little body, Ramiele hasn't performed consistently well for the last month or more.

So no offense Ramiele, but I think America got it right this week.

But watching poor little Rami trying to sing her farewell song through a stream of tears, I honestly felt bad for her. Even worse because, unlike a handful of other former Idol contestants, like Phil Stacey, Elliott Yamin, or Kellie Pickler, I don't think Ramiele has a future in professional singing. I think this is the proverbial "it" for her.

If you want to feel sorry for someone, feel sorry for Kristy Lee Cook. How many times has she been in the bottom three? How many times has she been on pins and needles wondering if she's going home? If anyone should be suffering from high blood pressure and heart palpitations, it should be Kristy, not David Cook.

And was anyone else absolutely SHOCKED that Brooke White ended up in the bottom three? Brooke has the talent to go all the way. I'm not sure how she earned fewer votes than Jason

Castro, who, by the way, looked absolutely baked on stage.

A few other notes on Wednesday's show: When are they going to ditch these viewer calls? They are AWWWFULLLLL. At the very least, start taking serious questions. More serious than, "Randy, who haven't you worked with?"

Boy did they hype Dolly Parton's performance, and boy was it ever mediocre. Look, Dolly's great, and a country music legend, but this was about as interesting as watching grass grow.

We got to see a performance by the winner of America's Next Great Band. It was alright, albeit a blatant plug for a FOX program. Finally, the mandolin had its long-awaited moment in the spotlight.

So now we're down to eight Idols left. If you ask me, it's anyone's race to win.

Ethan Morris: "Not always right, but never in doubt." Go ahead and write me.