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Magdalena's Brain (2006)

Director: Warren Amerman

Writer: Warren Amerman, Marty Langford

Starring: David Joseph, Konrad Rogowski, Sanjiban

Sellew, Amy Shelton-White, Robert Weingartner, Tom Whaley

Studio: Heretic Films

Genre: Horror / Sci-Fi


Magdalena's Brain is the story of Magdalena Welling (Shelton-White), a

brain surgeon, and her husband Arthur (Sellew), a quadriplegic

scientist. For the past four years they have been working on artificial

intelligence research in the shadowy corners of an old retrofitted

factory. Joined by a former patient of Magdalena’s and her mysterious

brother, their research leads to discoveries that will change all of

their lives forever.

The film's primary location was Holyoke's Open Square, formerly known

as the Lyman Mills. Open Square is a 600,000 sq. ft. building which

owner/architect John P. Aubin has been redeveloping since 1996.

Co-starring are David Joseph and Robert Weingartner. The

behind-the-camera talent includes director of photography Mark Devin,

sound mixer Karl Kempter, associate producer Joel Katon, script

supervisor Maria Escribano, and casting director Mark Sikes.