Rob Thomas To Become One of the Big Shots

For fans of Veronica Mars creator Rob Thomas, this summer has been an endless game of musical chairs as writer/producer Thomas leapt from series to series.

First there was the potential FBI-based season four of Veronica Mars that had fans of the now canceled series crossing their fingers until they bled. Then, following the unceremonious axing of the CW series, there was Thomas' head-scratching choice to climb aboard ABC's terribly unfunny comedy Miss/Guided, a decision which he reversed recently when he left the production, citing creative differences. (Apparently, he wanted the series to, you know, be good.)

Thomas has landed again, this time back at Warner Bros. Television (his former home whilst working on Veronica Mars). He's joined the staff of drama Big Shots -- which stars Michael Vartan, Dylan McDermott, Christopher Titus, Joshua Malina, and the recently cast Paul Blackthorne -- as a consulting producer.

Let's hope that he can tighten up the series and bring in some much needed funny. And if by chance he were able to pull some strings and bring over fellow Veronica Mars writer/producer Diane Ruggiero, I might just have to reconsider my dislike for Big Shots. Maybe.

Warner Bros. Television declined to comment on this story.

* * *

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