Anna Nicole Smith Marries Howard K. Stern

In the story that won't stop getting weirder, Anna Nicole Smith married her lawyer/sidekick Howard K. Stern on Thursday in the Bahamas, where she recently became a legal resident. The ceremony took place on a yacht off the coast of Nassau, and Anna is rumored to have worn a pink bikini for the affair.

It was just this week that Stern appeared on Larry King Live to announce that he was the father of Anna's newborn baby, whose birth preceded the death of her 20-year-old son Daniel by only three days.

And just when you thought this couldn't get any stranger, Perez Hilton reports that this quickie marriage may be an attempt to prevent a paternity suit by Larry Birkhead, a former fling of Anna's who claims to be the father of the baby. Perez's source says:

I am positive that the reason they got married is because under the family law in the Bahamas, if a person marries the mother AFTER birth of the child AND acknowledges he is the natural father (which Howard Stern did on the Larry King show) -- he is presumed under their laws to be the father of the child.

In effect, this prevents Birkhead from filing a paternity suit and/or insisting on a DNA test. Who knew Howard K. Stern was a good lawyer?

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