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Britney Spears Is Somehow More Glam In A Towel Than In Clothes

A towel has never looked so good.

Mario Testino's Towel Series already includes a ton of famous famous and semi-naked bodies, but he just made a major addition to the collection — Britney Spears, maybe you've heard of her?

While we've already been gifted a number of Britney photos from Testino this week thanks to her V magazine shoot, this one is simpler, both in wardrobe and costars (there are no speedo-clad men here, as far as I can tell). Have you ever looked this glamorous in a towel? UNLIKELY.

Brit's eye makeup seems to suggest that she is not fresh out of the shower, but as Mario explains in V, "the towel variable is a way of getting to their essence." More, please!