Emily Burtner

Littler Marry Grief With Pop Punk On ‘Phantom Limb’

The Philly band premiere their latest track with MTV News.

Littler's haunting "Phantom Limb" isn't what you think.

Sentimental yet driving, the buzzy track by the Philadelphia four-piece -- whose latest release, Of Wandering, is out March 25 -- oozes the sad spirit of lost love. Sort of.

“I know it’s not fair to blame you for leaving," sings Littler's Madeline Meyer. "I dream about you every night." And yet, it's not an ex or a failed relationship she's mourning. "Phantom Limb" digs much deeper.

"It's funny, a lot of analysis about these songs has referred to them as love songs which I'd never thought of because 75% of them are written about my parents," Meyer told MTV News. "But now I'm starting to think that they are just love songs for my parents and that seems kind of nice.

This song is about my mother. She died right after I turned three and I've always felt that I was born out of her absence. When you lose someone later in life, it's hard because you miss them. When you lose someone early in life, particularly one as vital as a mother to a daughter, you don't miss them. Your whole being feels built around loss. A limb that isn't there, but you feel it anyway."

But is "Phantom Limb" a sad song? Meyer says no.

"I think the death of a parent for a child is inherently sad, but you grow into it, and it manifests as something else," she explained.

Littler's Of Wandering is out March 25 via Birdtapes.