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Holy Chalupas: Fuller House Is Getting A Second Season — 16 Things We Need To See

D.J. and Steve forever.

After spending all weekend binging Fuller House on Netflix, you're probably going through some Tanner/Fuller/Gibbler withdrawals right about now.

Thankfully, the squad will be returning! The official Fuller House Twitter account announced on Wednesday (March 2) Netflix renewed the show for a second season, which means more shenanigans and (hopefully) more DJ/Steve moments — or DJ/Matt, if you're about that life.

Here's a list of things we definitely want need to have in Season 2.

  1. Lots more Nicky and Alex

    It was so much fun to see the boys all grown up, but they were only in the pilot episode. True, neither of them are in the acting business anymore (Blake Tuomy-Wilhoit is now a fireman and his twin brother Dylan works in the sound department as a foley artist), but they were so goofy on Fuller House that we need to see more!

  2. More celeb guest stars

    Well, besides OG Full House cast members, of course. Seeing Macy Gray was hilarious, and since Stephanie seems to travel the world on crazy DJing adventures, you just know she has other famous friends in her arsenal. Urkel (Jaleel White), anybody?

  3. For DJ to wake up and smell the Steve Hale, dammit

    That love triangle with DJ (Candace Cameron Bure), Steve (Scott Weinger), and Matt Harmon (John Brotherton) was very stressful. Yes, Matt is hella cute and successful, but D.J. was always meant to be with Steve — even show creator Jeff Franklin agrees! This "I choose me" business is great and all, DJ, but I've waited a super long time to see you and Steve together again. Don't screw this up.

  4. Other catchphrases for Max

    It's obviously the adorable Max Fuller (Elias Harger) is the new Michelle Tanner. Sorry, Olsen twins. You had your chance. We love his "Holy chalupas!" catchphrase, but Michelle had several iconic phrases, such as "You got it, dude," "Aw nuts," and "No way Jose," so Max needs more phrases as well.

  5. Actually just more Max in general

    This kid is uber adorable and precious beyond belief. He's definitely a scene stealer!

  6. The origin story of how Danny Tanner met his new wife

    She just magically appears in the pilot episode, smooching on Danny (Bob Saget), no questions asked. Na uh, Fuller House. We want the deets!

  7. Harry Takayama's wedding

    It was such a treat to see what Stephanie's (Jodie Sweetin) BFF/husband was up to now, even though he was played by Michael Sun Lee, instead of Nathan Nishiguchi from Full House. Seeing them recreate that famous hand kiss moment was true bliss. Stephanie told Harry, "I'll be there," so we know she'll find a way to make an entrance. Who knows? She might even DJ his wedding party?

  8. What Gia Mahan's up to now
    Warner Bros.

    Since we've seen Stephanie's "husband" on Fuller House, it seems only fitting we get to see her BFF as well. Bad girl Gia (Marla Sokoloff) lured Stephanie down the path of smoking, make-out parties, and unsafe driving. The last time we saw her, she was encouraging Stephanie to stand up Ryan (Andrew Keegan) after he initially stood her up. Did Gia clean up her act since her wild high school days? We must know, Netflix!

  9. Plenty more of Kimmy Gibbler's wacky accessories
    Saeed Adyani/Netflix

    From bacon and eggs scarves to donut purses, Kimmy's (Andrea Barber), ahem, unique fashion sense cannot — and should not — be tamed. Ever. Also, where can one buy a bacon and eggs scarf? Asking for a friend.

  10. Dancing moments

    Seriously, you can never have enough of the famous Gibbler Gallop!

  11. Uncle Jesse hanging with The Beach Boys again
    Warner Bros.

    John Stamos still continues to play with the band, so why not just bring the remaining gang back to Fuller House? God only knows how great it'd be. (Sorry.)

  12. Jackson and Lola's adorably awkward dating faux pas

    By the end of Season 1, Jackson (Michael Campion) and Lola (Ashley Liao) shared their first kiss, and it's pretty cute. During the whole season, Jackson's tried to win Lola's heart, and now that he seems to be on the right track, we want to see the family embarrass them on dates like they did with DJ and Stephanie during Full House.

  13. More Joey Gladstone inventions
    Michael Yarish/Netflix

    The episode where Joey (Dave Coulier) babysits the kids, which then turns into an all-out prankfest, was classic Joey. Please don't "cut it out" with the Joey moments in Season 2, Netflix.

  14. A family vacation
    Warner Bros.

    Full House traveled to fun places such as Disney World, Hawaii, and Tokyo, so we want to see the Fuller clan venture out from their San Francisco home. Maybe The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Florida? Max was reading a Harry Potter book in one episode, you know.

  15. Diversity
    Robert Trachtenberg/Netflix

    Don't get me wrong -- Fuller House is already winning in the diversity department compared to Full House, but having Fernando (Juan Pablo Di Pace), Ramona Gibbler (Soni Bringas), and Lola simply isn't enough to qualify as a "diverse" show. It's 2016; let's fix this.

  16. And finally: Michelle Tanner, duh
    Warner Bros.

    Yeah, yeah: The Olsen twins don't want to act, instead focusing on their fashion line, but come on. Full House is the reason they're rich and famous. Fans continue to adore them, so throw us a bone, Mary-Kate and Ashley! But if not, then more Olsen twin shade would be much appreciated.