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Before He Was Eric Matthews, Boy Meets World Star Will Friedle Rapped On Nickelodeon

What is even happening here?

Will Friedle is a staple of every '90s kid's childhood. From playing goofy older brother Eric Matthews on Boy Meets World, to voicing Ron Stoppable on Kim Possible, Friedle was a constant presence on our TV sets.

But before all that, Friedle apparently had a secret life — one that involved rapping. In a new, unearthed video from The Splat, Friedle raps about video editing techniques. Yes, that's what I said.

He describes a video switchboard, aka "switcher," and all the different ways you can play around with it, including messing with transition styles, zooming in and out, and experimenting with green or blue screen. As someone who went to film school and learned how to use a switchboard, Friedle made it look way more interesting than it is.

Brace yourselves, you're about to see Eric Matthews Will Friedle like never before.

OK, but seriously, how adorable is BB Will? His voice hasn't even dropped yet, and he's totally rocking the backwards cap and suspenders look.

I have so many questions about this, the main one being, "What in the world was it even for?" Friedle says at the beginning of the vid, "My name is Will and now I'm your host. I'm the editor in charge of what's called 'Video Post.'"

Was "Video Post" some kind of bizarre late '80s segment on Nickelodeon that was before my time? Did it actually air on TV or in classrooms or something? Was it supposed to be used as an educational tool, but Nickelodeon-style?

Furthermore, who are Friedle's background dancers? What are these girls up to today? And why were they all so hyped about video editing in the first place?

Also, can this vid please, please be shown in every film class in the country? And can we get this jam on iTunes? (Don't lie, you know it was insanely catchy.)

Friedle even shared it on Twitter, joking about how the "Naked Mole Rap" song isn't his one-hit wonder.

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