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11 Pics Of The Saddest Flash You Ever Did See

Buck up, Barry.

Barry Allen of The Flash has a lot to be sad about.

Not only does Barry have to come to terms with the fact that not one but two former buddies were actually total baddies, but also the love of his life, Iris, won't give him the time of day. And let's not forget the untimely and totally depressing demise of his mother, for which his father was jailed for the better part of two decades.

It's hard being The Flash, y'all -- and sometimes, it shows.

Reddit user Pietru24 shared a photo taken of actor Grant Gustin on set in full Flash drag taking a break -- since the unsuspecting Flash looks pretty depressed and wistful -- and offered the image up for a Photoshop Battle.

Move over Sad Keanu, there's a new contextless sad picture of a celebrity to make memes of until the end of time. ⚡️

See the best 11 Sad Flashes below.

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