Man Destroys Cockatoo's Cage -- Cockatoo Destroys Man With F-Bombs

This bird *really* didn't like that cage.

Tweety Bird is a weird canary. He regularly sings that he doesn't know how old he is and has been around since the 1940s, yet still talks like a wee little baby. This immature and un-avian behavior can likely be linked to one thing: his round cage.

YouTube channel MegaBirdCrazy is the online home of Miss Pebbles, a light pink cockatoo that lives at the Saskatoon Parrot Rescue in Saskatchewan, Canada. One of her handlers decided he would let her accompany him while he offered a PSA on circular cages.

Apparently, round cages can psychologically damage birds, because they need angular places to know where they are -- so they're ~*always lost*~ in them. ?

Since a round home is terrible for most birds, a minute into the video, the handler decided to destroy a round cage on camera. Miss Pebbles had a strong reaction to it.

Her minute-long, curse-laden response makes us think that cockatoo must have been a sailor in her previous life. ?

Watch the full (very, very expletive-filled) video below.

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